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Wonderful Weirdos Day (Sept. 9)

This is a quick post about Wonderful Weirdos Day! It can be hard to be yourself, but everybody is a little weird, haha! And that is what makes us all unique and wonderful! Wonderful Weirdos's Day celebrates all of the wonderful weirdos.

I made this image using royalty -- free images from rawpixel and the gogobox app. I liked how upbeat this photo of lemon slices were. It's funny how upbeat and optimistic a photo of inanimate objects such as lemon slices can be. And of course, there is one unique nature-defying pink lemon slice. Haha! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

Wonderful Weirdos's Day

"This is exactly what the city of Austin, Texas, has done for the past few years, celebrating Wonderful Weirdos Day on Sept. 9 -- a day created by holiday aficionado,Tom Roy. Citizens of Austin have always found pride in their eclectic and progressive culture -- the hippie scene was big during the 1960s and '70s, and the city continues to harbor an independent spirit. Austin is the host of the massive South by Southwest music festival, for instance, a haven for more than 1,400 independent rock acts that takes place every spring. The city officially recognized its weirdness in 2000 when "Keep Austin Weird" caught on as the official slogan and graced bumper stickers and T-shirts."


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