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Whale Cookies

For Whale Day, I was inspired by different Pins on Pinterest when I searched "whale desserts". There are a lot on there!


I made the same cookie dough and easy non-Royal Icing Icing I have made before. I free-handed carved the whale shape. There are lots of whale cookie cutters out there.


I added a little cookie which what I thought was water coming out of the whale's blowhole. It turns out it's not water -- at least not at first! It's air because the whale is exhaling (from being underwater) and then it becomes water because the air outside is colder than inside the whale's body.

"It’s exhaling that’s the interesting part. When the whale resurfaces, they have to release the used up air back into the atmosphere just like all other mammals do. This results in a spout, but it isn’t water (at least not at first). The air inside the whale is typically quite warm from the whale’s body heat. When it’s exhaled, it meets the much cooler temperature of the air outside and immediately condenses, making it look like a spout of water. (This is also often mixed with mucus —it is a nose, after all!) "


Other fun facts about whales:

"Whales are the largest animals on Earth and they live in every ocean.

The massive mammals range from the 600-pound dwarf sperm whale to the colossal blue whale, which can weigh more than 200 tons and stretch up to 100 feet long—almost as long as a professional basketball court.

Whales are warm-blooded creatures that nurse their young."



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