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Venus Fly Trap Cakesicle Dessert (Audrey / Little Shop of Horrors)

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

This was inspired by @_ghoul_mom_ on Instagram. She made a Venus Fly Trap savory meal, like Audrey on from Little Shop of Horrors -- with a cherry tomato and slivered almonds as teeth and some kale or spinach. So cute!

I remembered I had these mini terra cotta pots and I thought I would try to make a Venus Fly Trap plant stand up in a little pot.

One reason I thought of this is because I made cactus cake pops before in these little mini terra cotta pots.


What I used: - mini Terra Cotta pot

Cakesicle mix (in the pot and for the plant; see post);

- Microwave Mug cake (or regular cake)

- Frosting

Venus Fly Trap Plant Details:

- White chocolate wafer (mixed for chocolate shell on Venus fly trap and 1 for teeth)

- Green Food coloring (gel and liquid: gel seems works best here with chocolate; liquid green food coloring to paint the plant stalk- popsicle stick)

- Vanilla Frosting

- Red food coloring (liquid food coloring works better here)

- Egg silicone mold

(You could use spoons and make a quenelle shape.)

- Cooking spray

- mini popsicle stick

- Toothpicks / bamboo skewers (just to mix in food coloring; you can use spoons or whatever)

- Saran wrap

- Paintbrush (that I only use for edible art projects)


- Shredded coconut

- Dark chocolate

Note: You could use crushed Oreos or chocolate cake crumbles to look like dirt too.

Here's a post more detail on making Cakesicles



I made the cake in the microwave -- 75 seconds. I have found if you're making cake pops or cakesicles it doesn't matter if you use mug cake (vs. baking a cake) because you are mixing it with frosting.

Also mug cake is a small package, which is the perfect size to make just a few cakesicles or cake pops.

In this case, 1 mug cake packet would be enough to make 2 full Venus Fly Traps (plant + dessert).

Venus Fly Trap Part

I sprayed the silicone egg mold and I took some cake mixture and put it in the egg mold. One I filled all the way and the others I made smaller "egg" / Venus Fly Trap plant shapes.

I put it in the freezer to set.

Pot, Soil and Stalk

The mini terra cotta pot was clean right out of the package. Mostly, so I could use the pot again easily without cleaning it, I put saran wrap inside it. Then I put some of the cakesicle mixture in the pot. I would have felt fine to put cake mixture directly into the pot without saran wrap .

I stuck a mini-popsicle stick (the stalk) into the pot and then put it in the freezer to set -- mostly because it's colder and faster than the fridge.

While it was in the freezer, I melted some chocolate with shredded coconut.

After 5 or 10 min., I took it out and I used a paintbrush I only use for food art and painted the popsicle stick with green liquid food coloring, so it would look like a stalk. :)

Then I put it back in the freezer.

Making the Mouth

I took one of the Cakesicle mixture out of the freezer and covered it with green chocoalte (melted white chocolate + green gel food coloring.) I put it in a bowl and covered it.

Then I stuck it on the popsicle stick stalk.

Some chocolate fell off in the areas where my fingers were. Haha! :) I just used a toothpick / bamboo skewer and painted some chocolate over those places, so it was a pretty even coat.

I put this back in the freezer.

While it was in the freezer, then I mixed some vanilla frosting with red liquid frosting.

Then I made some teeth by using a butterknife to cut a circular white chocolate wafer into small triangle pieces.

Final Touches

After the green chocolate set (5-10 min. in the freezer), I used a toothpick / bamboo skewer and spread some red frosting along the center of the mouth and I stuck the white teeth on.

So cute! I love it!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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