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Unique Geometric Colorful Pie Crust Designs

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

You can create your own unique geometric colorful pie crust designs after reading this post! It's really easy & fun -- like painting a canvas and making a collage, but with pie dough. :)

Depending on your carving/drawing ability, you can do complex designs or simple ones. However, even simple designs like this one can look really complex and cool. :)

I came up with this when I was thinking of unique pie crusts to make for Pie Day. I decided to Google geometric designs and make them in pie dough and use food coloring to add to the design. :) I've never seen pie crust that was different colors, so that seemed fun.

I found this design I liked on this website.


I always liked this repeating pattern made up of diamonds or rhomboids, which if you look at it in different ways can look like hexagons or cubes.

This is especially true if the different diamonds/rhomboids are different colors next to each other (see photo) -- like the tiles in the bathroom near the gym in my building. In a way, this pie crust was inspired by that bathroom. Haha! :)

What I used:

- Pillsbury pie dough

- Gel food coloring (blue & violet)

- Filling: cranberries, sugar and some water


- Bamboo skewer ("paint brush")

- Butterknife

- Springboard pan or baking pan

I "painted" gel food coloring onto the pie dough using a bamboo skewer. I used blue and violet because I thought it would look nice with the cranberry color of the cranberry filling.

This uncooked pie dough already looks like art! :)

Then I cut out hexagons, which I further cut into 3 diamonds/rhomboids.

I ended up with pieces that were blue, violet, white (plain) and pieces that had a mix of these colors too. :)

My pieces were not perfect diamonds/rhomboids, so I could not make the perfect hexagons, but it still looks really cool. I ended up just placing them in a sort of random fashion. Of course, if you want the colors to be repeating in a certain order, then you could do that.

Art! I just baked it at 400 degrees for ~15-17 minutes. I had baked the bottom crust for 7-10 min. before.

Note: Because I used small pieces of pie dough to make the pie crust on top, I baked it shorter than if I had made a pie w/ just 1 big piece of dough on top. I just watched the oven around 15 min. and left it in there until they were golden brown.

Voila! Unique Geometric Colorful Pie Crust Design!

As I mentioned, it's like a painting and a collage, but it's pie dough! Art! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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