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Under the Sea Cake Design / Jellyfish Day

Here is a cute Under the Sea Cake Design that I made inspired by Jellyfish Day! You can use some of these ideas and add other animals like fish or an octopus for a marine theme any day, but I only did Jellyfish because Nov. 3 is World Jellyfish Day!


Note: I am actually aware that jellyfish do NOT have eyes, but they look cuter with them. Haha! :)

Jellyfish are hauntingly beautiful and have an ethereal quality eventhough they are underwater. :)

What I used:

- Marshamallow fondant (I made; link)

- Vanilla frosting

- Blue food coloring

- Brown sugar (sand / ocean floor)

- Chunks of crushed jolly rancher (Coral)

- Candy eyes (not anatomically correct, but cute! Haha! :)


I made a jelly fish out of fondant.

This is a 9" round cake I made. You could use a different size cake or a cookie cake.

I mixed a tiny bit of blue food coloring to vanilla frosting to make a light blue under the sea color.

I use light brown sugar for sand or ocean floor.

Then I used some Jolly Ranchers of different colors that I crushed with a hammer.

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