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Turning Food into Textiles (Cloth)! Art is Everywhere!

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

When I was working on learning how to do mirror glazes (Stay tuned for those posts!), the spills were so beautiful that I thought they could be textiles (cloth). Mirror glazes are shiny glazes for desserts, which are some of the best things to watch on YouTube cooking videos. There are some examples at the bottom of this post. It is funny because it is not the actual glaze (which I'm still learning how to do and is still a mess), which is beautiful and could work as a textile, it's the spills or stuff you just typically throw away. :) Art is everywhere!

I have been writing about how it's fun to turn food into art and this is taking it to the next level! :)

I took pictures of the spills because they were so beautiful and for inspiration -- you never know. I just Googled "custom textile printing" and found spoonflower.com. I had actually read an article about it before.


It was so easy! It took me 5 minutes to make a custom textile and it is pretty cheap. I just cropped the picture of the mirror glaze spill. Then I thought it looked better with 4 of them. I made it with a "half-drop" or made the design staggered in their design studio because I thought it looked better. See photos.

You can also put your prints for sale on the spoonflower website with a couple of clicks. You get a commission if someone else orders it, so I did that too. Why not? :)

It was like $15 a yard and I ordered 2 yards. I don't really know how to make clothes, but I'm planning on making a skirt and a collar or a collared shirt over a T-shirt. Completely custom and personalized designed print clothes from my food art projects / experiments. How cool is that?

I think it would also look good as upholstery on an accent chair or dinner chairs with small seats or as wallpaper in a small bathroom or as an accent wall.

Stay tuned! We are good at this!


I did what is called a "half-drop" on the pattern or made it staggered.

Some Mirror Glaze YouTube videos


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