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Trying out the Air Fryer (from Someone that Loves Fried Foods)

I had heard really good things about the Air Fryer, so I decided to get one because I love fried foods and if I could make them without using a lot of oil, this would be great. Also, it is multi-functional: a toaster, oven, convection oven, etc.

I was a little bit skeptical because I love fried foods. :) In general, I try to make healthier substitutes if it doesn't impact taste, so this is another example of that.

I got a Cuisinart Air Fryer.

First Try: The first test might not be that fair because it was with frozen dumplings & lumpia. I did let them defrost to room temp before putting them in the Air Fryer. Since it was my first time, I didn't know what temp to put it at, so I tried 400 degrees.

After just 5-7 minutes, they were done and a little brown. They were light & crispy! I was pleasantly surprised. It was a little different than actual fried foods, but you got the crispiness & crunch.

Second try: I also used frozen dumplings and frozen Indian Arancini (rice balls covered with Panko breadcrumbs). I was skeptical that it would work with Panko breadcrumbs. This time, I turned it down to 350 degrees.

After 5-7 minutes again, they were done. Everything was pretty much a nice golden brown. The 350 degree temp seemed to work well. And it passed the Panko breadcrumb test, the breadcrumbs on the Indian arancini crisped up well.

Toast function: I have also tried the toaster part of it and got some nice toasty baguettes.

From someone that likes fried foods, I have been pleasantly surprised with the Air Fryer & recommend it as a way to cut down on some fat.

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