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Trying out Cookies & Icing for Decorating: "Easy Sugar Cookies & (Non-Royal Icing) Icing"

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

I was looking for a cookie that was good for decorating -- didn't change size or shape that much in the oven. I found this vanilla sugar cookie recipe & icing recipe on Google from sugarspunrun.com.

There was an icing recipe with the cookie recipe, which appealed to me because it looked like Royal Icing, but it wasn't. Her recipe seemed easier to make than Royal Icing and it only uses 3 ingredients which I had: powdered sugar, corn syrup and milk. https://sugarspunrun.com/easy-sugar-cookie-recipe/

Attempt #1:

It's funny how a lot of cookie recipes (or all recipes actually) have the same ingredients, but are different variations or use different amounts of ingredients. The differences in amounts of ingredients can make a difference in taste or how they come out.

You can check out her website for more details. The ingredients are sugar,, vanilla extract, egg, flour, baking powder and salt.


This is a basic vanilla sugar cookie, but I didn't have vanilla -- again. Haha.

I made a half-batch of the cookie dough according to the direction, but before chilling it, I was thinking: "This dough is really not coming together." I forgot the egg (or 1/2 egg in my case). So I did not add the egg in the right order according to the recipe. :)

I chilled the dough and after a couple hours, I took it out & then I rolled them out and cut them into shapes. I made the puzzle cookies from this batch as well as a few others.

The main criteria for the cookies that I was looking for was that they kept their shape & size and didn't spread too much after baking -- and also that they taste good. :)

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! The cookies kept their shape & size -- and they taste good.

For an example, here are the Mondrian puzzle cookies before baking & after baking.

They are my go-to cookie now for cookie decorating projects.

I also tried out the non-Royal Icing...

Non-Royal Icing Icing

The 3 ingredients are: powdered sugar, a little corn syrup and a little milk.

You just stir them together and that's it, Non-Royal Icing Icing!

You can change the consistency by adding a little more milk (to make it thinner) or powdered sugar (to make it thicker).

It's easy to color with gel colors.

When it sets, it looks pretty much like Royal Icing, but maybe it's not as hard as Royal Icing when it sets. It tastes good.

I was also able to fix my Mondrian cookie as I mentioned after letting the accidental red piece in the upper left-hand corner set for a few minutes by putting more whiting icing on top.

It's my go-to icing for cookie decorating now!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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