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Tortellini Dumplings for Tortellini Day (Feb. 13!)

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

I have been experimenting with using egg roll wrappers to make pasta dishes since they are essentially like pre-made pasta dough or lasagna sheets, so I decided to try to make tortellini out of egg roll wrappers. I have made pasta dough from scratch before & it's fun, but I didn't feel like doing it for this (link). Since they were made out of egg roll wrappers, I decided to call them "Tortellini Dumplings".


Tortellini are also called ombelico, which is funny because that means umbilicus or belly button and they do look like belly button-shaped pasta.

"Tortellini are ring-shaped pasta, sometimes also described as "navel shaped", hence their alternative name of "belly button" (ombelico).[1] Originally from the Italian region of Emilia (in particular Bologna and Modena), they are usually stuffed with a mix of meat (pork loin, raw prosciutto, Mortadella), Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, egg and nutmeg. They are traditionally served in capon broth (in brodo di cappone)."



I watched a class on the Food Network app on how to fold the tortellini. I already had some spinach and cheese filling I had made for something else.

I sealed it closed with some water. Then, the fun part shaping the tortellini: I wrapped it around my index finger and then sealed it with some water. It worked well, but this egg roll wrapper was kind of dry and it cracked a little when I was folding them. It didn't matter really.

To cook them, I just added ~1/4 cup of water to this bowl and microwaved it for ~1 min.

I added a little butter and parmesan. That's it! It took like 5 min. including folding the tortellini. Give it a try! We are good at this! :)

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