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TMNT Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake / Ninja Day!

I made this fun pull-apart TMNT cupcake inspired by Ninja Day! I saw a photo on Pinterest, but it was just the photo, not instructions, so I just made it based on that.

Growing up, my fav based on color of his mask was Donatello, but if we are talking about the real people they were based on. My favorite is Leonardo. :)

Ninja Day!


What I used:

- 21 cupcakes

- 1 Rice Krispie treat (you could also use cake or a cupcake)

- Wilton Fondant (mask, eyes, mouth, turtle abdomen, belt, and pads)

- Gel Food coloring: Green, Black, Violet, Yellow+a little brown)

- Betty Crocker vanilla frosting (1 or 1 1/2 jars)

I used a cardboard box to make it.

A 13 x 9" pan or baking sheet was not big enough for the turtle as you can see.

I colored green the frosting and spread it on all 21 cupcakes.

Note: If you want more continuity of your TMNT turtle (for example: a round head), just add more frosting when connecting the cupcakes.

This is the turtle abdomen -- fondant with some frosting colored light brown / gold.

This is the eyes, bandana and pads -- fondant with colored frosting on top of it or just fondant plus colored fondant (eyes).

I also made a belt in a similar manner to the pads.

To make the structural part of the mask ties I just cut 1 Rice Krispie treat in half.

Then I put everything together. That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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