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Tip: You Can Buy Gift Baskets for Yourself! (Get Meat & Cheese if Your Grocery Store is Out.)

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

You might think: Why would I buy Gift Baskets for myself? Well it can make you smile! So why not? But there is a more practical reason -- especially during #quarantinelife.

You can get cheese & sausage and meat in gift baskets -- which may be hard to find in a grocery store near you!

I have ordered a cheese & sausage basket and I just use them as normal ingredients.


I also ordered a 3-lb. block of cheese. Haha! :) I just grate it with a cheese grater if I want shredded cheese for a recipe. Check out this post for a tip on a grating cheese I learned.


Burgers / Ground Beef:

I ordered some burgers from Omaha Steaks and I'm going to cook them them as burgers and also just as ground beef in recipes.

Cheese & Sausage Gift Basket:

You can check out one of the dishes I made with the cheese & sausage gift basket here:


Give it a try! We are good at this!

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