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Tip: Microwave "Roasted" Garlic

I came up with this for a salami pizza , but you could use it for lots of different recipes! I often have garlic around...sometimes I don't feel like chopping (haha! :)), but then also other times I don't feel like roasting it in the oven, especially if it's just one component of a recipe.

Roasted garlic is easy and tasty, but it takes a while!

Check out the post!


So I tried Microwaving it to "Roast" garlic. :)

Salami Pizza

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I chopped the garlic into smaller pieces and put it in one side of a dish.

Then, I put a little bit of water (~1 teaspoon) in the other part of the dish -- it wasn't touching the garlic. I microwaved it on full power ~45-60 seconds. Basically, it sort of steamed or softened the garlic.

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!


Left: Raw garlic, chopped -- before I put a little water (~ teaspoon) in the bottom half of the dish. Right: After microwaving or "roasting".

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