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The Most-est Moist-est Cornbread -- Unfortunately not Honey-Stuffed

After freezing peanut butter for peanut-butter stuffed brownies from a Twisted YouTube video, I started experimenting with freezing other liquids/semi-solid foods and putting them in baked goods, to try to get a nice surprise when you eat. :) The science of it is particularly interesting to me: cooking 2 things so that they get to the desired result at the same time. It's similar to making a Juicy Lucy or mozzarella-stuff meatballs as I mentioned before. I think it's fun to get a little surprise when you eat something. :)




Some were successful (Stay tuned!). Others were not. Haha. :)

For example,trying to freeze honey and put it in cornbread so you get a blob of honey when you eat was not successful. I tried many experiments and different ways of baking it (different shapes of baking pans and baking sheets). I think it's impossible based on the freezing point and melting point of honey and the baking temperature and length of time needed to bake cornbread.

However, I did come up with a fun easy way to make the most-est moist-est cornbread you'll ever eat.

I can't eat cornbread anymore without freezing honey and putting it in the cornbread batter! It's so good!

This recipe/fun little experiment is so cheap too. Jiffy Cornbread costs ~$0.55 (55 cents!) or something and you're using a little bit of honey. It probably all costs less than $1.00.

Doing all this also helped me come up with an awesome baking hack to decrease mess and making things faster & easier for you! Stay tuned for that post!



- Jiffy cornbread box

- Honey

- Cooking spray

Equipment: Oven, 2 or 3 paper cupcake cups, Muffin pan, Bread loaf pan or 9" round pan


1.) Spray the paper cupcake cups with cooking spray.

2.) Add enough honey to the paper cupcake cups, so that the honey will be ~1 cm tall.

3.) Carefully put the paper cups+honey into the muffin pan and put it in the freezer.

-- I suppose you could put the paper cupcake cups into a cup or something. The point of putting the paper cupcake cups in the muffin pan is that it helps it keep it shape and not spill the honey in the freezer.

4.) Freeze overnight or at least 8-12 hours..

5.) Prepare Jiffy Cornbread batter as on the box (1 egg, 1/3 cup of milk) and pour into a bread loaf baking pan.

-- A 9" round pan will work too.

-- If you use a 9" x 13" baking pan, then you will have to make more honey cupcake cups in the previous steps, so they are evenly dispersed.

-- Using a muffin pan won't work because you only made a few honey cupcake cups. I didn't experiment with how much honey to put in the batter to make cornbread muffins.

6.) Take out the honey and place the chunks of honey evenly dispersed into the batter. You may need to spoon them in there. Put them under some batter (as in the 2nd and 3rd rows of photos here.)

** When you take out the honey, it will be pretty solid, but still semi-solid (and not frozen solid,)

-- Even "at −20 °C (−4 °F), honey may appear or even feel solid, but it continues to flow at very low rates." This is much colder than your freezer, so it won't be frozen solid when you take it out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honey

In the next row of photos, I did an experiment where I put the frozen honey in half of the baking pan, so I could compare it to the other half to see the difference. It is super moist! I could tell the difference between the 2 haves. You can try it yourself.

In the 3rd row of photos in this section, I just put the frozen honey evenly dispersed in a 9" round baking pan.

Bread loaf pan with frozen honey in 1/2 of the pan (experiment for comparison to no honey)

9" round baking pan with frozen honey evenly dispersed

7.) Bake at 400 degrees for ~15 min. or until cornbread looks done, but not too golden brown.

8.) Eat!

I wrote it as detailed steps, but it's easy. Just put some honey in the freezer and then bake the Jiffy Cornbread, which is easy. It is so good! You can't really tell from the pics how moist it is, but it is so good!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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