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Teddy Bear Cars on the Highway / Teddy Bear Day!

I saw these cute Teddy Bear Cars on from My Frugal Adventures on Pinterest and I wanted to make them for Teddy Bear Day! I also decided I wanted to make them on the highway! Haha! :)



Sept. 9 is Teddy Bear Day!



What I used:

- Teddy Grahams

- M&Ms

- Milky Way (any Fun Size candy bar)

- Dark chocolate wafers

Highway Diorama / Scene

- 2 pieces of paper

- Paint (Black, green, blue

- Yellow piece of origami paper

- Scissors

- Glue stick

Making the Highway Diorama / Scene

I painted one piece of paper with black road in the middle and grass on either side. For the yellow paint on the road, I cut out some strips of yellow paper and glued them down.

For the sky scene, you can see first I made the grass too tall. Then I thought about it and the grass would be short in comparison -- because the cars are tiny! They are little candy bars! Haha! :) I planned to tape the sky / grass to the wall and then the other on the counter for a whole diorama / scene.

Making the Cars

I took out the Milky Ways and then I got the different color M&Ms ready for wheels and steering wheel. I cut the legs off the Teddy Grahams (sorry Teddy!), so it was only the torso and they would look like they were sitting in the cars.

I melted the chocolate (or glue).

Then I put them together! 4 of the same color M&M for wheels and a different color for steering wheel. I put some chocolate on top and put Teddy in the car and then I put 1 M&M upright for the steering wheel. Then I put a little chocolate on the sides and stuck on the wheels.

After I was done assembling them, I put them in the freezer to set up for 5-10 min.

It only took 15-20 minutes to do all of this including painting the little scene. Of course, if you make a lot more cars, then it will take longer, but it's really a fast little fun cooking & arts & craft project to make the little cars -- even if you don't feel like painting the highway! Haha! :)

I was so happy! The road I free painted was the PERFECT SIZE for the Teddy Bear Cars. Look how nicely they fit in their lanes. Hahaha! :)

It's cute for Teddy Bear Day, birthday parties race car parties or any day!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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