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Taking Photos When You Only Have 2 Hands

This is a quick post that describes how I take photos & videos to show each step of the process while I'm cooking. Perhaps, this post should go under cooking, but it can also apply to doing arts & crafts or other things that are messy, which I will do & post about soon too. :)

This may be obvious, but for things like mixing dough,

- I will try to do them with one hand, which leaves my other hand clean to take photos or videos with my iPhone.

Sometimes, it's a balancing act :) and I need to balance my iPhone on the edge of the messy hand (which is a part of the hand that is still clean).

For example, in the video about making gnocchi that I just tried & will post about soon. (Stay tuned!), the person in the video uses both hands to mix the potatoes / dough, I just used one hand. They have a camera man and tripods and all that, so they can use both hands and the video may look a little weird if there was only one hand in there anyways. :)

Maybe I will get a little tripod, but I would still need a clean hand to take photos anyways.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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