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Tailgating Day - First Sat. in September

I think I've only been actual tailgating at a stadium or field a couple times, but I've "tailgated" plenty at bars and restaurants before sporting events, haha! And I love tailgating food! When I think "tailgating," I think appetizers and bar food and beer, haha!

Tailgating Day is the first Sat. in September. This year it's on Sept. 5.


This photo I found on Unsplash.com from @edeeran also says E.A.T. on the helmet. I don't know why, but it fits with tailgating. Haha! :)

Tailgating Day this year is also the same day as Cheese Pizza Day and Samosa Day!



So I decided to feature a few appetizers today that you could use for Tailgating or any day. :)

Mini Cheese Pizza Slices

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Samosa Day

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Chicken & Waffle Bites

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