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Symmetric Ombré Color Blocking Egg -- Unintentional Too!

I made this super cool ombré color blocking egg unintentionally when I was playing around with extra Butterfly Pea Flower Tea that I got to make this Magical Lemonade. Stay tuned for that post!

It is completely symmetrical colorblocking with 4 different colors of blue -- on accident!

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

"Butterfly-pea flower tea commonly known as Blue Tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea, or tisane, beverage made from a decoction or infusion of the flower petals or even whole flower of the Clitoria ternatea plant. Clitoria ternatea is also known as butterfly-pea, blue-pea, Aprajita, Cordofan pea, Blue Tea Flowers or Asian pigeonwings."


Here is me making some Butterfly-pea Flower Tea on the stove. You make ice cubes out of the Butterfly-pea Flower Tea for the Magical Lemonade, but I had some tea leftover after I filled the ice cube tray.

I poured the excess in a bowl and I added ~1 tablespoon of vinegar or so because I've been watching YouTube videos and I saw people add a little vinegar when egg dyeing. I wasn't sure if the butterfly-pea flower tea alone would permeate the egg shell, so I added a little vinegar. Not a lot though. I'm currently working on a science experiment from a 5-Minute Crafts YouTube video and I found out that vinegar disintegrates eggshells. It's super cool and creepy! Stay tuned for that post. :)

Since I had blown the egg out of the eggshell, so I could eat it -- instead of making hardboiled eggs, my egg was really light & floated to the top and was only half-submerged. I put a plate on top to keep the egg down.

Then I left it there for ~30 min.

There were nice deep blue colors on half the egg! I decided to spin the egg to dye the other half and put the plate back on top. I decided to only leave it there for ~10 min., so that the color wouldn't be as deep.

I have been looking at different ombré and color-blocking eggs on Pinterest and YouTube and I was wondering if this would work...

And it did! And it was perfectly symmetric too! Each quadrant of the egg is a different color blue. Somehow the egg stayed in place after I flipped it & put the plate back on top.

How cool is that?

In different videos and posts, I have seen people use other natural ingredients for dyeing eggs like turmeric, beets, etc. You can add butterfly-pea flower tea to that list.

Also you can experiment and play around when you're in the kitchen and can get cool stuff & art too!

Give it a try! We are good at this!


Here it is before drying.

Finished Photos

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