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Surprise Pepperoni Cheeseball

This was inspired by Cheeseball Day! I decided to put some pepperonis on the inside too for a surprise...and I think it also helps with cream cheese : pepperoni ratio in each bite.

It's like those cakes that have sprinkles inside, but this is cream cheese.


What I used:

- Philadelphia Cream cheese

- Hormel Mini Pepperonis

- Marinara Sauce

- Crostini / Pre-sliced baguette

- Olive oil

- Saran wrap

- Cooking spray

I drizzled a little olive oil to the bread and baked it at 400 degrees to get nice golden brown.

Then I put a piece of saran wrap down and sprayed it with cooking spray. This was so when I formed the cheese ball, there would be less mess and I could easily mold it without getting my hands too dirty. I also used gloves.

I pressed down on a block of cream cheese on to the cooking spray / saran wrap..

Then I poured some mini pepperonis (the surprise!)

Then I wrapped up the edges of the saran wrap and molded a ball.

Since I used cooking spray, I could easily peel off the saran wrap.

Here it is! Pepperoni cheeseball with surprise inside...

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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