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Strawberry-Shaped Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich (for Strawberry Ice Cream Day, Jan. 15!)

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

This was a fun and easy cookie decorating project that you could do anytime of the year, not just on Strawberry Ice Cream Day! :) It would be cute to have lots of different ice cream sandwiches in the shape of different fruit.

What is Strawberry Ice Cream Day?

"January 15 is Strawberry Ice Cream Day. It is an unofficial holiday that celebrates ice cream made with strawberries or added strawberry flavors.

It is believed that the ice cream flavor, which is now popular around the world, was invented in 1813 in the United States by First Lady Dolley Madison, and it was served during her husband, President James Madison’s second inaugural banquet at the White House."



- Pillsbury sugar cookie dough (or other sugar cookie dough)

- White Frosting

- Red food coloring

- Green food coloring

- Yellow sprinkles

- Strawberry Ice cream

Equipment: Oven, baking sheet, tweezers (to place sprinkles).

I sculpted the sugar cookie dough into shapes of strawberries. I colored some frosting red and green (for the stem).

Note: When you are working with Pillsbury sugar cookie dough or other cookie dough w/ baking powder, remember that the cookie will spread some. So the cookie that comes out of the oven will not be the exact shape you put in there. I learned this the hard way when I was trying to make hedgehogs before, but the soft sugar cookies tasted good. A different sugar cookie dough or shortbread cookie may work better for you if you are making different shapes.



I used tweezers and placed yellow sprinkles on the strawberry. Then I put some strawberry ice cream in between the 2 cookies. That's it!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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