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Starry Pie #1 / Pie Day!

This is Pie Day! Not to be confused with Pi Day (3/14), but you can have pies on both, so it doesn't matter that much, haha! :) I saw a bunch of pretty pies on Pinterest, especially if you search "fancy pies" where they play with positive and negative space with the pie crust and fruit filling.


What I used:

- Cranberries

- 1/2 cup of water

- 3/4 cup of sugar (you can use 1/2 cup or 1 cup depending on how tar or sweet you want it)

- Pillsbury pie crust (thawed)

- 2 sheets of gelatin

- Star cookie cutter

- Butterknife (to make smaller stars)

I made cranberry filling by putting fresh cranberries in a pot with 1/2 cup of water and sugar in it. I put it on medium-low / medium.

Then I added 2 gelatin sheets in there. I saw it on Martha (Stewart) Knows Best when she was making lemon curd, so I thought it would help the filling set too.

Then I took 1 piece of pie crust and used the star cookie cutter. I used the butter knife to cut out some smaller stars. I baked both the whole pie crust and the stars. Just my preference, I trimmed off a little bit of crust, so it would with on the pie pan better.

So when I moved it from this slightly blurry poster to the next, then it half cracked! But then it turned out it actually it looked better because then the stars I baked fit in the broken half part (where there was no crust)! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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