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Spider Cookies

How cute are these creepy crawly cookies? It's fun & easy to make these Spider Cookies! Perfect for Halloween or any time of year! You can use any cookie as the base! These are Chocolate Chip Cookies made without flour; made with Bisquick. Check out that post!

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What I used (per spider cookie):

- Chocolate Chip Cookie

- 1 Chocolate Melting wafer per cookie (for the spider body)

- Melted chocolate melting wafers (to make the legs)

- 2 candy eyes

- Ziplock bag

Right after I took the cookies out of the oven, while they were still warm, I stuck 1 chocolate melting wafer for the spider body on each cookie. Since the cookie was hot, then the chocolate spider body just kind of melted and adhered in place.

Then I stuck 2 candy eyes on each chocolate wafer. Again because the chocolate was kind of melty and warm, the candy eyes stayed in place.

Note: If your cookie is not warm, you can use a little melted chocolate as glue to stick the chocolate wafer body to the cookie and to stick the candy eyes to the body.

Then I melted some chocolate in a Ziplock bag on defrost setting. I snipped the corner of the bag and piped on 8 little legs for each spider.

That's it! So easy & super cute!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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