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Small Spaces, Big Style: Faux Living Wall Art (2 of 2)

Updated: May 16, 2021

This piece has instructions on how we made the faux living wall! My Mom likes gardening and real plants, but they don't grow well on this side of the building, so she wanted a faux living wall. It sounded like a fun craft project! I love crafts!

They are actually very relaxing to look at -- even though I know it's fake. Haha! :) Honestly I kind of think everyone should have one in their place because it's just automatically zen when you look at it.

This only took about 30 min. active time, but there's some spray paint that you have to wait for it to dry before proceeding. So all in all, it took maybe 45-60 min.

What I used:

- Recycled hanging wall calendar**

- Moss Collection variety of faux mosses (found at Home Goods)

- Faux Fern leaves (found at Michael's)

- Hot Glue Gun

- Green spray paint

- Cardboard box (to put under the calendar when I was painting)

** If you do not have a hanging wall calendar, you could use a canvas or foam-cor or other sturdy material or even a cardboard box piece without any folds or creases.

I spray painted this hanging calendar. This was a good find because we had a small area where we couldn't nail anything into the wall. It is basically like if we hung a painting, but it's a faux living wall. We just hung it from the porch light.

I did another coat to get more paint in light areas, then I let it dry. Then we placed the moss and leaves -- without gluing them to see how it looked. The variety pack was nice for this small project because we had a few different choices for the moss layer. I had looked up some pictures on the internet and decided to add more leaves -- like these fern leaves -- to add some more shapes and texture.

Then I used a hot glue gun and glued all the areas down. We had a slight problem which was solved -- all the fern leaves have steel or some kind of metal wire inside. We couldn't cut through it! We needed a wire cutter. It turned out you can unravel the leaves like a bunch of flowers without a wire cutter (which is on the way).

But it worked out because we only needed 3 leaves for this small project.

I glued the leaves down and then bent them forward to have the leaves sticking out and to give the piece some depth.

Here are some more photos.

Give it a try! WE are good at this!

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