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Sheep Cupcake / Hug a Sheep Day

Here's a fun Sheep Cupcake design that I made inspired by #HugaSheepDay! You could make it and other barnyard animals for an animal or farm-themed party.

This year, #HugaSheepDay is on Oct. 31.


What I used:

- Cupcake

- Duncan Hines frosting

- Mini Marshmallows

- Brownie (for sheephead; you could probably use a Tootsie Roll**)

- Candy eyes

** You may be able use chocolate cake piece for the sheephead, but it may not be sturdy enough. Brownie is more sturdy than cake.

I took a cupcake and frosted it with frosting, then I added the little sheephead (brownie part) & mini marshmallows all around for the sheep fluff. :)

Then I added a little frosting to the back of the eyes and then onto the head.

That's it! Super cute!

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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