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Shark Cakesicle

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Please try this and do a better job than me. I'm sure you could do better. Haha! :) I was inspired by Shark Awareness Day to come up with this cute idea for this Shark Cakesicle. I thought the shape of a Cakesicle fits well with a shark shape. But he turned out kind of messed up, ok really messed up! Hahaha! :)

Shark Awareness Day



What I used:

- White chocolate

- Black gel food coloring (just a tiny drop to get light grey chocolate; a little more black to make the eyes)

- Red gel food coloring

- Wilton fondant (mostly white for body and teeth, but also colored red for mouth and black for eyes)

I made this like other Cakesicles as I have described in more detail in this post.


Tip: Wait until chocolate is melted before adding food coloring

-- As I mentioned before, if you're going to color white chocolate for cakesicles or cake pops etc., wait until it is melted before adding food coloring. If you add it before you melt the chocolate, it changes the chemical composition of the chocolate and will make it more likely that it will burn.

When you use black food coloring in particular, a little goes a long way. This was just the tiniest amount of black food coloring to get light grey.


Out of white fondant, with a butterknife, I carved a similar popsicle shape, but smaller than the actual mini cakesicle -- so you could still see some of the grey.


For the mouth, I carved a little mouth shape with was rounded on one end and flat on the other (~1 1/2" or 2"). I colored it red with red food coloring.

I carved out some sharp teeth out of white fondant and pressed it on the red mouth.


Then I colored tiny bits of fondant black for the 2 eyes and stuck it on there.

We are good at this? Haha! He's sort of cute in a mangled way, really mangled away. Still tasty! Also here's a cute JAW-some chocolate I found.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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