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Scallops and Creamy Corn

This delicious dish is easy and quick to make! It took only ~15 min. or so to make this nice seafood dinner! You could also have it for lunch.

Scallops are quick to make and they can look & taste beautiful if you follow a few simple steps.

I only learned how to make scallops ~21 months ago. I was scared to learn how, but now it's easy. Check out this post about when I first cooked scallops.


It's Bacon Day! Bacon are a part of the creamy corn. They taste good with pretty much anything, but def with scallops and corn.

What I used:

- Bird's Eye frozen corn (1/2 bag)

- Bacon 2 piece of bacon

- Pat of butter

- Terra Fina Everything But the Bagel Spread (If you don't have could substitute some onion dip or sour cream with onion powder)

First, I put the frozen corn straight into the toaster oven on air fryer setting to get it roasting. You could bake it or microwave it too.

Then I got the bacon cooking in a pan on medium-high in order to make bacon crumbles.

The key to getting a good sear on scallops is to let them get to room temperature before searing and also pat them dry with a paper towel.

Once the bacon was done, I took it out and added the butter.

Then I put the scallops in the pan and put on a timer for 2 min. 30 sec. Put on a timer and don't move them or else you won't get a good sear. (The size of the scallops determines how long to cook them, but generally 2-3 min. for first side). Then I flipped them and cooked them for ~1 min. 30 sec. You don't want to over cook them or else they will get rubbery.

I crumbled the bacon, added the corn and mixed in 1 or 2 teaspoons of the spread. Then I laid it on the platter and put the scallops on top.

That's it! Really tasty and light! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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