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Save Time & Create More Content

We all know that building up social media and website traffic is essential to success. If you do not update your social media or website regularly, you will be forgotten & lose followers and customers. I've been to several digital marketing and social media workshops and courses. They recommend that you post something daily or every other day to keep your audiences engaged and really grow your business.

We are all super busy and it can be hard to keep up with everything for your life and business and come up with content all the time and at that frequency.

I have been posting quite frequently here -- multiple times per day sometimes -- because I have the time right now. For your blog/website or social media, the recommendations are to post daily or every other day.

Here are some ideas on:

How to Save Time and Create More Content.

The detailed examples below are for cooking because that's what I'm working on a lot right now, but they apply to every industry: other creative/artistic endeavors, constructing things, working on projects -- every side hustle or business.

1.) You can plan & create all your content (images, photos, videos) in 1 hour or 2-3 hours and post about them over the next week or next couple weeks.

2.) Write social media posts / blog posts when you think of them & save them as drafts for future days.

3.) 'Process' photos: While you are working on a project, take photos/videos while you are doing it, you can post 'process' photos on your social media & then write something like: "Check out my website learn more & see the finished product."

-- This keeps people interested and helps get traffic your website.

Or you can say check back tomorrow (on your social media) and then post another photo/video about the process or the finished product.

Check out my post to see how I take photos while I'm cooking when I only have 2 hands. :)


4.) While you are working on different projects which may come together as one project, take photos of them individually for different posts.

5.) You do not have to write the post or post about something as soon as you finish it and you can work on ideas when it may be a good time for you and then post about it later.

- If it is a good time for you to work on something (e.g. holiday project) then you could work on it now and then post about it in December.

- Maybe you have an idea for Halloween and bought supplies right after it when they were on sale. You could save this all the way for next year. That's really planning ahead!

How this works for cooking:

-- You can cook 4 or 5 different things in 1 hour or a couple hours and then write the posts and post about it over the next couple weeks.

-- If you are making a meal, then you can just take photos of the entree, sides, dessert, beverage (whatever is applicable for your post) individually and then make individual posts about them. Getting more content out of 1 meal.

-- 'Process' photos: Getting More Content Out of Something You are Doing Anyways

It's cool to see how things were made. It helps people connect with you/your brand on a personal level. And it also is another way to save you time & generate more content.

Note: This example also includes planning content to get more posts. I was trying to make Raviolo al' Uovo (Giant Ravioli with Egg Yolk - Stay tuned for this post!) and to make the dish, I was making my own pasta dough. So I got some posts about making pasta dough and I'm going to write a post about the Raviolo al' uovo (Giant Ravioli with Egg Yolk) separately.

1.) Left photo: I could post this photo to social media while I was making pasta dough and write:

"Can I make pasta dough? Check out https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/ to see. :)"

or "Can I make pasta dough? Check back tomorrow."

[Referring to checking their social media the next day, so they can see the finished product and keeping them interested in what you are doing]

2.) Middle photo: On a different social media account or the next day, I could post:

"So far, so good. Made the dough! Will it cook and taste good? Check out https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/ ."

or "So far, so good. Made the dough! Will it cook and taste good? Check it out tomorrow." [Referring to checking their social media]

3.) Right photo: Then on my website, you can see the finished product photo (for example), other photos and written content.

These ideas are related to another post I wrote about planning content and reusing ingredients for different projects/posts. Check it out!


Give it a try! We are good at this!

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