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Save the Rhino Day (May 1)

Today is Save the Rhino Day! I made a drawing on the gogobox app and I also found this really cool photo of rhinos crossing a dirt road on Unsplash from redcharlie to commemorate it.

I made the drawing using the Draw Feature on the gogobox and using the rhino emoji. I resized the emojis and moved them around to create this cool digital collage / image.

Btw, fun fact: we have something in common with rhinos -- their horn is the same material as human hair or nails (keratin).

More info on Save the Rhino Day below.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

Save the Rhino Day

Q: What animal has roamed the earth for over a million years, and has been hunted to near extinction?

A: You guessed it, the Rhinoceros.

Save the Rhino Day encourages us to be aware of, and support efforts to save the Rhinoceros from extinction.

The Rhinoceros is a fascinating creature. Native to Africa, this leftover from the age of Dinosaurs was hunted to near extinction. Hunters on safaris, killed Rhinos just for sport. Poachers hunted them for their horn. The horn has been used as medicine, and for making knife handles, carved statues, and other objects. Animal rights groups have helped to save this animal from extinction, and their numbers have rebounded somewhat.

Did you know? The horn of the Rhinoceros is composed of the same material as your fingernail.

You can enjoy Save the Rhino Day in a variety of ways. Watch documentaries on the Rhinoceros. Visit Rhinos at a zoo. Better still, go on a safari to see one! You can also donate to groups working towards preserving the Rhinoceros. 

Origin of Save the Rhino Day:

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day.


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