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Sausage & Leek Omelette

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Here's another idea for breakfast/brunch or anytime of day! :) This was inspired by the Neely's Sausage & Leek Casserole from the Food Network. I wouldn't have thought to put sausage & leeks together. Their casserole had bread in it, so it was kind of like a strata (see below). I decided to leave the bread out and make an omelette, so it is actually keto / low-carb too.


"Strata is basically a savory bread pudding. It's generally made with slices of crusty Italian bread and toppings of cheese plus vegetables and meat. It's then soaked in a custard and baked until set and puffy. I've always loved it, but only just out of the oven when really hot and fluffy. As it cools, it settles and becomes more dense, but still very tasty."


Leeks are kind of like onions with a mild flavor. For some other dishes with leeks, check out these posts.



What I used:

- 2 eggs

- Italian sausage (already browned)

- Leeks

- Mozzarella cheese

- Salt & pepper to taste

First, I sauteed the leeks. It's like sauteing onions; you soften them up in some oil on medium/medium-low.

You could brown the sausage and the leeks at the same time in the pan. I already had some sausage that was cooked.

Then I added a couple eggs directly to the pan and whisked them in the pan to save a bowl from the dishwasher. I added some mozzarella in there for some cheesiness.

Then I just flipped half over to make an omelette. Yum! The sausage with the mild onion-like flavor is really good with the eggs and cheesiness.

I could have made it prettier (haha!), but it was really tasty.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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