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Salami Pizza

This was inspired by a pizza I saw on DDD from Stogie Joe's Tavern in Philly!


They use sopressata, but I have salami and

Sept. 7 is Salami Day!

Salami Day


Both are Italian cold cuts. Here's a link with info on the difference between sopressata and salami.


Check out another salami recipe: Artichoke-Salami Stromboli

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What I used:

- Pillsbury pizza crust

- Salami

- Tomato

- Fresh garlic (could use garlic powder)

- Marinara Sauce

- Mozzarella

- Parmesan

- Fresh basil

Tip: Microwave "Roasted Garlic"

In their pizza there is fresh garlic, but I didn't think the fresh garlic would cook through in the short time it takes to melt the cheese, so I made microwave "roasted" garlic. Basically I just softened it in the microwave quickly.

I chopped the garlic into smaller pieces and put it in one side of a dish.

Then, I put a little bit of water (~1 teaspoon) in the other part of the dish -- it wasn't touching the garlic. I microwaved it on full power ~45-60 seconds. I also made this into a separate post because you can use this for other recipes too. :)

Left: Raw garlic, chopped -- before I put a little water (~ teaspoon) in the bottom half of the dish. Right: After microwaving or "roasting".

I baked the pizza crust a little bit. Then I added all the ingredients.

Tomato sauce, then salami and "roast" garlic, then the cheeses. I actually did this the night before I was going to eat it and just put it in the fridge while I slept.

Then I baked it and added fresh basil on top. It was really good!

I love pepperoni or sausage on pizza and salami is a nice change to mix things up! :)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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