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Rotisserie Chicken - Cheap & Versatile

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Rotisserie chickens are cheap everyday (& bonus: on sale where I go on Saturdays). They are a great way to add protein to a meal for less than $1 per meal for any cuisine you like. Ballin’ on a budget. :)

When I buy a rotisserie chicken that I intend to use for multiple meals over a few days, as soon as I get home from the grocery store while it is still warm, I carve it up and take the meat off the bone. It is much easier to do this when it's still warm, then to do it the next day after it has been in the fridge. After a few days, I make chicken adobo (see post; link below) or chicken soup with the leftover meat that is still on the bone.

This is just a gallery of the different ways I use rotisserie chicken in meals to give you some ideas. Come back every once in awhile to see what new ideas I’ve come up with. :)

The pics may appear in other posts; you can check out those posts too. :)


Quick & Easy French Bread pizza w/ Fresh Mozzarella (post)


For other pizza ideas: https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/post/pizza-gallery

Easy Rotisserie Chicken Adobo (post)

Easy Rotisserie Chicken Adobo: https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/post/easy-rotisserie-chicken-adobo

BBQ Chicken (Rotisserie chicken) w/ cheddar and spinach

Rotisserie Chicken Fajita

I just added a little bit of Old El Paso taco seasoning. I also describe this a little bit more in the Bell Pepper & Onions in 5 recipes post.


Chicken Soup

I just put the whole leftover chicken (bones and all) in some water as I describe in my Easy Rotisserie Chicken Adobo post. Instead of adding Mama Sita's Adobo mix, I add in 3 bouillon cubes. I added some spinach in too.

The color of this chicken soup looks a little weird I admit. :) This was a BBQ rotisserie chicken, so the BBQ on the skin gave the soup a more brown color rather than normal yellowish chicken soup color. However, it still tasted like normal chicken soup; the bouillon beat out the BBQ flavoring. :)

Easy Rotisserie Chicken Adobo: https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/post/easy-rotisserie-chicken-adobo

Adding frozen spinach: https://www.wearegoodatthis.com/post/sneaking-in-spinach-to-be-healthy-ugh-the-invention-rise-of-the-frozen-food-industry

Filipino Rotisserie Chicken Empanadas

- with rotisserie chicken, potato, and raisin filling



Rotisserie Chicken Soup

This one was made with plain chicken. Looks like chicken soup. Like I said, the other one above tasted like normal chicken soup, just a different color. :) I snuck in some spinach.

Giant Chicken Carbonara Raviolo with homemade pasta dough

Giant ravioli with egg yolk, bacon, chicken, and cheese (mozarella and parmesan). I snuck in some spinach too. :)




Easy 2-Minute Buffalo Chicken Dip

- Made with rotisserie chicken, a little hot wing sauce, a little cream cheese and a little sour cream, and bleu cheese (optional)


mini-Giant Chicken Philly Cheeseteak Onion Ring

- Mixture of rotisserie chicken, mozzarella, cream cheese, onions and green peppers in an onion ring form ( :) ) -- fried and breaded with flour and Panko breadcrumbs.


I made a 6" version, which kind of fell apart and a smaller 4" version which stayed intact pretty well. They both tasted good! Haha. :)

2-Minute Easy Rotisserie Chicken Caprese

- Chicken with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and balsamic glaze


Easy Pancit (Filipino Noodles) w/ Rotisserie Chicken


Indian Arancini

- Cheesy Risotto Balls Stuffed with Chicken Tikka Masala

- I used a Chicken Tikka Masala frozen dinner as the basis; I added some rotisserie chicken to to make more filling.

Easy 5-Ingredient Tuscan Rotisserie Chicken Pasta

- Rotisserie chicken with Newman's Own Alfredo Sauce, spinach and sundried tomatoes


Loaded Potato Casserole with Chicken


One-Pot Mushroom Pasta w/ Chicken


5-Ingredient mini-Puff Pastry Christmas Tree w/ Chicken & Spinach Dip


Mushroom & Pesto Pasta w/ Rotisserie Chicken


Hunter's Chicken Lasagna Parcels

Parcel or little package of lasagna stuffed with British Hunter's chicken (mix of chicken, tomato sauce, BBQ sauce), also with some Alfredo sauce and mixed cheeses on top


Spinach-Ricotta Lasagna parcel with chicken and sausage

Variation of the Hunter's Chicken lasagna parcel I came up with, but with spinach-ricotta filling and chicken & sausage


Borek - Turkish Pastry

- with chicken and veggies inside


Quick Salad Bar Chicken Pot Pie

Quick hearty meal by picking up some ingredients from the salad bar!


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