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Reusing Contact Paper/Cardboard Boxes in Multiple Ways: Gift Wrap or Decorative Box Home Accessory

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

I had 1 gift to wrap, so I didn't want to buy a whole roll of holiday themed wrapping paper that I wouldn't necessarily use. Instead, I decided to use the extra contact paper I had from covering my tables as gift wrapping. This post actually has a couple uses for reusing contact paper and cardboard boxes. As I mentioned in a previous post, contact paper is essentially a big sticker on a roll.


Gift wrap: I just put the contact paper on a cardboard box I had and voila! Wrapped present. I taped 2 candy canes on it to act as a bow, an edible one too. :)

I further personalized it by cutting out these penguins from holiday cards and taping them to the box, which is another use for your extra holiday cards. I couldn't find stickers at the store; I didn't look that hard. Haha :).

It looks classier in the thumbnail/photo below without the penguins, but the penguins are so cute & festive. :)

Another benefit is that since it's wrapped in contact paper that this gift is essentially waterproof if you're traveling in the elements or a storm. J/K. Haha. :)

If you're out of wrapping paper and have contact paper or just feel like doing it, this is something to try.

Decorative Box Home Accessory: If you only put the contact paper on the sides and leave the top open, you could also use this technique to wrap a cardboard box and use it as a cute storage bin in your place.

Give it a try! We are good at this!


Gift wrap:

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