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Recycling to Make Cake Stands - LED Lights Edition

I came up with this to make a cake stand for the Dinosaur Abduction UFO Cake, so the post is mostly about how to recycle a cardboard box plus adding the LED lights to make a cake stand!

But briefly, for any cake, you can use an old cardboard box and cut it and use it for your cake stand. That might not even be the right word, haha. You can use it to essentially to be a cardboard plate/tray for your cake. This makes it easy to move around. If you want, you can cover it with foil or parchment paper.

There were some tips and tricks I came up with for using LED lights for your cake -- I guess specifically to make a UFO.

For the UFO cake, I wanted the lights to hang down and light up underneath the UFO.

I picked individual lights rather than a string because the strings are ~10 or 15 feet long. :) You just twist them to turn them on or off.

What I used:

- Cardboard box

- LED lights (individual)

- Cord (~2mm thick - I got to make necklaces; still in the process of doing that, haha :) )

- Shipping tape

- Scissors

- Bowl (to use as a stencil - I forgot to trace the springboard pan before I put it in the oven)

- Pencil

First I used the bottom of this bowl to trace as a stencil because it was ~5.5" in diameter which was smaller than the 6" springboard pan I was using. I cut it out of the cardboard box.

Then I cut a piece of cord that was a little longer than the circumference of the circle. The individual lights have a hole in them where you can put a string.

You want the string/cord you use to be smaller in diameter than the hole in the LED lights, but not too thin -- the string has to be kind of sturdy.

First, I put a couple pieces of tape to secure the end of the string to the cardboard box.

Then I strung the first light onto the cord.

Tip: To keep the lights evenly spaced, put a piece of tape down before you string another light on the cord. If you don't put a piece of tape down in between when you string the lights, then when you are done then all the LED lights will bunch together.

Tip: How to secure tape and the cord.

Put the tape on, but leave a little over the edge of the circle. Then push on the tape to wrap it around the other side of the cardboard. This is helpful because than the weight of the cake will be on the edge of the tape making it more secure.

Keep going, putting a piece of tape in between when you string each individual light onto the cord.

When you are done, then add a couple extra pieces of tape to secure the whole cord.

Then you have your lights for your UFO Cake! This is about a cake, but obviously you can use the LED lights and these techniques for lots of different things for cooking and outside of cooking.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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