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Recycling & Making Custom-Shaped Baking Pans

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

This was something I came up with when trying to make the Cheesy Bread Cube (check out that post!) and most of the info is in that post. However, I decided to make it a separate post because the recycling techniques I used could be used to customize baking pans or make your baking pan smaller for other reasons People might be interested in making custom-shaped baking pans and not cheesy bread cubes, who knows?

In this case I wanted to make a cube from a rectangular pan.

This is an example of the cube-shaped baking pan I was trying to recreate, but I had a normal rectangular baking breadloaf pan.


I thought I could use pieces of cardboard covered with foil and use things to occupy space in the breadpan to make sure that when the bread expanded during baking in the oven that I would be able to have 2 cubes of cheesy bread from the rectangular breadloaf pan.


- Bread loaf pan - Cardboard box - Foil - Scissors - Metal cookie cutter (oven-safe things to occupy space in the center of the bread-pan) - Silicone molds (oven-safe thing to cover the bread pan during baking to keep the bread from rising beyond a cube) - 2nd baking pan (to put the silicone molds in)


I cut 2 small pieces of cardboard for the bread-loaf pan and put the cookie cutter in the middle, which occupied just the right amount of space to have 2 cubes from the rectangle. :)

To make it safer and more hygienic for baking, I wet the pieces of cardboard. I didn't think the cardboard would burst into the flames in the oven, but I wanted to make sure that it wouldn't. :) Then, I wrapped the wet cardboard pieces with foil and put them back in.

Here are the 2 cube shaped cheesy bread cubes before baking. I only made the dough about 2/3 or 3/4 of the baking pan because I knew the bread would rise during baking.

To prevent the bread from rising beyond a cube-shape I put this baking pan with silicone molds in it on top of the makeshift shoku bread pan. These are just oven-safe things which provide weight to constrain the cheesy bread into a cube. :)

After baking! Makeshift Shoku Bread-Pan worked! 2 cubes!

You can use the recycling techniques with cardboard to customize your baking pans or if it works for that situation, you may not need to use cardboard and you can just use things to occupy space or create your form to make smaller baking pans. It is most necessary to plan and visualize if you are trying to bake bread or something with a lot of yeast in it that will rise and expand.

Another example of when I create smaller baking pans is when I make brownies or 2 separate different batches in one pan. Here I just used some foil to make a 9" x 13" bakingn pan smaller -- like 8" x 8" for brownies. Brownies don't really expand when you bake, so I didn't need to use cardboard or weights.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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