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Recycling & Edible Art: Can I Make "Bubblewrap Chocolate Design with Sugar Water"?

I saw this in a 5-Minute Crafts YouTube video w/ >2 million views a couple weeks ago and I knew I had to try it sometime -- you use bubblewrap to shape melted chocolate, let it set, and then add a design with colored sugar water/syrup.

It's a fun way to recycle and make art! It seemed like the perfect way to celebrate "Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day"! :)

5-Minute Crafts has 63.6 million subscribers on YouTube! People love arts & crafts -- and I do too! :)

Attempt #1:

I have used a similar technique with bubble wrap chocolate/candy melts to make this cute honeycomb w/ bees. Check out the post. :) How cute are they?


What I used:

- White chocolate melting wafers

- Food coloring

- Water


- Envelope a package came in with bubblewrap on the inside

- Scissors

- Plastic bags (to melt the chocolate)

- Little squirt bottles (could use eyedroppers or syringes)

- Bamboo skewer

First, I cut open the envelope and cut off a piece to make a bubble wrap "canvas". Then I melted some chocolate in the microwave on defrost setting in 30-second and 15-second intervals.

Then I snipped a corner of the bag and "piped" the chocolate on to the canvas. I used a bamboo skewer to spread it around into a hexagon shape. It didn't seem to be enough chocolate to make a full layer...

I melted some more chocolate wafers in the same bag that had the hole in it already. (You just have to be careful when you are taking it out of the microwave & push the chocolate to the corner you have not snipped out & put a hole.)

I put it in the fridge to set & harden. The bottom or the part in contact with the envelope will have the honeycomb design. :)

After it hardened, I carefully peeled it off of the envelope.

Then I took some water and made 3 different colors for each of the 3 bottles. I made a fun design.

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! How cool does that look? Just white chocolate, water and food coloring. Art! Edible art! You can put it on top of a cake and eat it, especially if you use simple syrup instead of just water.

I took it to the next level and made a video of this art melting! Check it out on YouTube. It's oddly satisfying to watch it bubble and melt. :)



I actually had so much fun that I did it again. So there are a couple videos on there. And I'm going to keep on doing them. It's a fun recycling art project. It looks like a big mess, but it's easy to clean up. :) See below.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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