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Recycle & Keep Things from Flying Everywhere when Using the Mixer at the Same Time!

A month ago or so, I came up with a similar hack to one of the hacks in this Tasty YouTube video where they bake a cake using 30(!) baking hacks in a row.

They use a paper plate, but I use part of a cardboard box -- to keep things from flying everywhere when you are using an electric mixer.

This way is better for the earth than using paper plates: it's a way to recycle your cardboard boxes. I may have seen the paper plate hack on a different video. I'm not sure, but I never have paper plates around and I wouldn't want to buy a whole pack of paper plates just to use 1 or a few for this baking hack.

There are also a few practical benefits of using a cardboard box (vs. paper plate) for the electric mixer hack.

-- The cardboard box is more sturdy and generally is bigger than the diameter of your mixing bowl, so you don't have to worry as much about the box getting in the way with the electric mixer spindles and it does a better job of blocking the batter from coming out of the bowl.

It's really easy to do; it takes 2 min. And it's pretty durable. I've been using the same piece of the cardboard box when baking over the last 5-6 weeks or so. The steps on how to make it are below the 30 baking hacks video.

[Side note: She also does the flossing hack to cut even layers of cake -- perfectly. She actually really likes the flossing hack. I'm still working on it (see link). Haha. :) I would probably only doing it if you don't really care what your cake looks like in case you mess up -- for example if you are planning on making cake pops. Haha. :) ]


How to Use a Cardboard Box for Electric Mixer Hack

I flattened the cardboard box and cut out the piece that was in the middle here marked with my scissors. That piece is about 16" x 11.5".

I used a marker to mark out where the holes should be. Mine are about 4" from the edge of the box. Then I eyeballed how far apart the holes should be to fit the distance between the electric mixer spindles. ~It's about 3". You could use a ruler to measure the distance between the spindles. I tried to make sure the holes would be in the center of this middle panel of the side of the box.

Then I used a scissors to start the holes and pushed it through with the spindles.

This is what it looks like after a couple weeks of wear, but you can see where the holes are better in this picture.

To use it, you turn the electric mixer upside down and hold it in one hand.

Next, line up the cardboard so the holes match up with the holes on the electric mixer and then put the electric mixer spindles in place (photo to the right).

Then you can flip it over and use it to mix your batter!

I think it's fine to reuse multiple times because really there are no germs and you bake them out at high temperatures anyways. For example, in the edible cookie dough recipes, you only need to bake flour for 5 min. to minimize risk of E.coli -- which is miniscule anyways. (I always lick the spoon or spatula when I'm making batter, haha. I guess, don't try that at home; there is technically a risk of E.coli from flour and salmonella from eggs.) If you want, after you use it, you can throw it in the recycling and you can use a different cardboard box the next time.

Here it is in action (video and photos)! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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