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Ravioli Day: "Quick & Classy"

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

For Ravioli Day, I made yummy crab & lobster ravioli from Nuovo Pasta. They were red & white and I added some green, so it's actually the colors of the Italian flag, which is fitting. :)

According to a survey of Americans, 12% think ravioli is the fanciest type of pasta & 12% (wonder if it was the same people? haha!) think that eating ravioli makes them feel fancy.

So I called the post "Quick & Classy" because it was a quote from one of the websites I read about ravioli and it accurately describes the crab & lobster ravioli I made. :) More info about the history of the ravioli and fun facts at the bottom of the post.

These Nuovo ravioli are yummy and cheap for the crab & lobster filling. They are fast & easy to make (just drop them in boiling water). Not only apparently are ravioli classy themselves, but these crab & lobster ravioli are an easy & fast to class up your home cooking :)

After I cooked the ravioli, I just added a little butter, parmesan cheese and some green onions (primarily for the photo, haha!) I didn't have any fresh basil, struggle times. You know?

Here is what it looks like.

A couple other finished photos below.

I have also made giant ravioli called raviolo al' uovo from scratch where there is an egg yolk inside: one more traditional one and a Giant Chicken Carbonara version from Twisted on YouTube. That was fun! Check it out.

Give it a try! We are good at this!



I covered the Chicken Carbonara Raviolo (right photo), but I just wanted to show the chicken carbonara part.

A few other photos:

History of Ravioli

"The word “ravioli” comes from the Italian riavvolgere, which means “to wrap.” While ravioli’s origins are obscure, the earliest mentions come from 14th century manuscripts. In pieces by Francesco di Marco Datini, a merchant of Prato, there is a recipe for ravioli that consists of chopped blanched green herbs, fresh cheese, and beaten egg, then simmered in broth. This is very similar to contemporary preparations of ravioli...

In 16th century Rome, ravioli is mentioned when Bartolomeo Scappi served them to a papal concave. It may be surprising, however, that ravioli was not served with tomato sauce until the 16th century, when tomatoes were introduced to Italy from the New World. Prior to this, ravioli was served al brodo, in broth."


For more info on Ravioli Day, check out the links below.



Some fun facts about ravioli, according to a survey of 2,000 Americans:

- 87% of people like ravioli.



This versatile pasta may seem simple, but it can also be high-class. 12% of Americans consider ravioli to be one of the fanciest types of pasta and 6% admit to having served ravioli to impress someone.

Another 12% say eating ravioli makes THEM feel fancy." Haha!

Class it up & eat ravioli! Give it a try! We are good at this!


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