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Quickly Fancying Up Frozen Pasta

I have been experimenting with making fresh homemade pasta, but it definitely takes awhile to make, so it's not an everyday thing. Frozen pasta is a good option and there are quick easy ways to class them up and make a full meal, so you can ball on a budget. Haha. :) Sometimes you see the package in the freezer section at the store and it still looks complicated like: What am I going to add to this?

This butternut squash ravioli is cheap and tastes good. In restaurants, they would probably serve it with brown butter sauce. I just boiled it for 7 min. or so and put a couple of little chunks of cold butter on it, which melted from the heat of the cooked pasta. Then, I sprinkled a little parmesan on it. If you only do this, then it's just needs 1 pot.

I also dressed it up with a microwaved little frozen spinach and sauteed some Italian sausage (just 1 additional pan). Even with adding the additional steps of adding spinach and sausage, it took me 10-12 min. to do all of it. I watched the clock.

Tell me you wouldn't pay $10 or $15 for this at a restaurant (final pic at the bottom). Haha. :)

Most of the frozen pastas can be dressed up and made a full meal with a little butter or tomato sauce.

Also, another tip I wanted to tell you is that you can eat just a few and put the rest back in the freezer. It still tastes good days or weeks later.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

Also if you're interested in learning about my experiences with making pasta dough or making pasta dough yourself, check it out:


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