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Quick Food Styling Tips Inspired by #quarantinelife

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

I'm still learning about food styling & not a professional by any means, but it's fun! Anyways, here are some tips from what I find different colors of food and a little bit of green really makes that photos pop and look more appetizing. Usually, I would buy green onions or parsley etc., which are generally part of recipes for color anyways -- but those have been short supply

I bought faux plastic green onions and wheatgrass with the plan to cut them into small pieces to be green onions or chives etc. I place them on the food for a few seconds for the photos, then I wash them and reuse them. Recycling! The real food also goes bad when I buy a bunch, so this is probably better anyways.

My first order of faux green onions went missing, but then I got my faux plastic green onions and wheatgrass!

Tip #1: Faux wheatgrass works the best. You can cut small pieces to look like chives or dill and larger pieces to look like green onions.

The faux green onions had a piece of wire in the middle to keep their shape, so it made it hard to cut. Also, the wheatgrass just looked more real. The faux green onions uncut will look good in the background of photos. I like green onions more than wheatgrass in real life, but wheatgrass works better here. Haha! :)

Photo: Left top: faux wheatgrass cut to look like green onions; Left bottom: faux wheatgrass cut to look like chives or dill. In the far right, you can see a little piece of the faux green onion -- doesn't look that real.

Example: Buffalo Chicken Cheesy Potato

Tip #2: Dried Spinach Flakes

I ordered this because I'm running low on frozen spinach, but I found they really look good in photos! They look like dried parsley or other dried spices, but they really make the photos pop. They don't taste like anything when you put them on, but you re eating a little spinach, so that's healthy. :)

Example: Cheddar Tomato Flatbread on Garbanzo Fava flour crust (upcoming post)

Example: Cheddar Tomato Bites on Garbanzo Fava flour crust (upcoming post)

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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