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Quick Chicken Parm or Chicken Milanese

This post is more a beginner tutorial for people learning how to cook or just an idea of what to do for a quick easy good lunch/dinner. In 7-10 min. with almost no mess, you can cook a quick Chicken Parm or Chicken Milanese. This post is about chicken breasts at the grocery store with the breading already done for you. As I have mentioned, in the grocery store, they have prepared meats with seasoning or breading, which are really cheap. I think I got a pound of this breaded cutlet for $5 or $6 which lasted me a few meals. I think I have also mentioned meatloaf before. I have even gotten a large turkey breast that was stuffed with Cajun rice. I'll write a quick post about that because I had to look up how to cook it. Stay tuned!

There is essentially no prep for you and so it is less messy for you, so it's a really fast easy meal. You can just throw it in the pan and/or oven/microwave.

So when I see a YouTube video or recipe that has a breaded cutlet as a start of it, then I think to just use these prepared chicken cutlets from the grocery store.

You probably know about Chicken Parmesan which is just a breaded chicken cutlet with tomato sauce and then covered with parmesan, mozzarella or provolone. You may not have heard of Chicken Milanese. The definition of Chicken Milanese is just an Italian-style breaded chicken cutlet that is browned in butter or oil. So if you just cook the prepared breaded chicken breast in a pan; you are eating Chicken Milanese, which sounds fancy. :)



Intro / Tip before cooking:

First, you want to get a good brown crust/sear on the outside.

Note: If the cutlet is thicker than ~1/2" or ~1cm, then it may not be cooked in the middle from just cooking it in the pan and searing the outside.

You have a few options here. Before you cook it, you can pound it thinner. Or you can sear both sides and then finish it off in the oven or the microwave to make sure the inside is cooked.

Steps / Instructions:

1.) Turn the stove onto medium or medium-high and put some oil in the pan.

-- If your chicken cutlet is thicker than ~1/2" and you want to finish it off in the oven to cook the inside, then preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2.) Once the oil heats up, then brown one side, leave it on there for at least 2-3 min.

-- Try not to pick it up and check it before then.

3.) Flip the chicken breast and brown the other side for 2-3 min.

4.) If it is thicker than 1/2", then either put it in the 350 degree oven for 5 min. or so or microwave it for 1-2 min.

Once you have a nice golden crust on both sides, then you have Chicken Milanese. You can serve this with some pasta or whatever side you want. I finished mine off in the oven. Then I added tomato sauce and cheese; next step after these photos.

5.) If you want to make Chicken Parm, add a little tomato sauce and cheese and then microwave or put it back in the oven to melt the cheese.

Eat! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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