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Quick Bisquick Biscuits (w/ Cheddar)

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Say that 3 times fast. :)

This first picture here on the right is from my latest and best attempt, November 4, 2019.


I found this recipe for cheddar biscuits on the internet that I was going to try to make since I was excited about my new baking trays and I already had flour and butter. I was reading the comments on the recipe and I saw one from someone that used to work at Red Lobster, which is known for their legendary cheddar biscuits.


Those cheddar biscuits in the commercials always looked delicious. She said that the legendary cheddar biscuits were the Bisquick recipe on the box and cheddar at 4:1 ratio -- if you use 1 cup of Bisquick; add 1/4 cup of cheddar. That seemed much easier than the recipe, so I decided to give it a try.

Sunday, October 20, 2019: Attempt #1

I bought some Bisquick and cheddar. Unfortunately, the only box of Bisquick I could find was industrial/family size which has enough Bisquick mix to make ~155 pancakes. :)

The recipe on the box says to use 2 1/4 cups of Bisquick baking mix and 2/3 cup of milk.

- Bake at 450 degrees for ~8-10 minutes until golden brown.

I didn't have milk. I had some heavy cream from another recipe I made. Like I said, I hate buying ingredients for a recipe, so I decided to try it with a mix of heavy cream and water. I made about half of the recipe.

I used 1 cup of Bisquick, 3 tablespoons of heavy cream and 3 tablespoons of water, 1/8 cup of Sargento cheddar. I baked them at 450 degrees for about 8 minutes like on the box.


We are good at this! The biscuits were really good. Maybe they were a tiny bit dry. I may add a little more cream or butter next time I make them. Or maybe I will actually follow the recipe and use milk. Btw, the calories on these biscuits are estimated to be: ~109 calories per biscuit.

Monday, November 4, 2019: Attempt #2

In my first attempt at Bisquick cheddar biscuits, I didn’t have milk: so I used 3 tablespoons of heavy cream and 3 tablespoons of water. Turned out pretty good. I had milk this time, so I used it.

The ingredients I used to make a half-batch are:

- ~1 cup and a little bit more of Bisquick (1/2 recipe is 1 1/8 cups)

- 1/3 cup of milk

- 1 tablespoon of cold butter (optional)

- 1/8 cup of Sargento shredded cheddar (optional -- to make them cheddar biscuits)

I added the chunks of cold butter to the batter to try to make the biscuits flakier. I've seen that on the Food Network and on the internet with different biscuit recipes. I mixed it all together with a silicone spatula; I didn't use the electric mixer.

I baked them at 450 degrees for 9 minutes.

RESULT: Even bigger SUCCESS!

They turned out awesome this time! We are good at this! Even with the added butter, there are still only ~108.33 calories per cheddar biscuit!

Milk made a big difference (& has a lot less calories than heavy cream). I thought everything is better with heavy cream, not these biscuits. Haha. :) Even before I put them in the oven, this batter was fluffier and had bigger biscuits.

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