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Queso Surf & Turf Hot Dog

Here's a twist for hot dogs for your next meal or get together! Surf & Turf w/ Queso!

What I used:

- Herbrew National Hot dog

- Brioche Hot Dog bun

- Tostitos Queso

- Firecracker Shrimp burger (premade from the grocery store)

Shrimp topping: I just mashed it the shrimp burger into chunks and cooked it in a pan. It only takes a couple minutes.

This premade shrimp burger has a sweet heat which goes nicely with saltiness of hot dog and cheesiness of queso!

If you do not have a premade shrimp burger, you could take small shrimps or cut shrimps into chunks and mix it with chili flakes and Sweet Chili sauce to get some similar flavors -- or your own mix! I wrote about this in in my Queso con Camarones post.


I prefer my hot dogs crispy / a little burnt. This was made in a pan with some oil. Center: with shrimp burger and then right: with queso on top too!

That's it! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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