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Pumpkin Napkin (Autumn Day, Halloween or Thanksgiving Place Setting)

I saw this Pumpkin Napkin on the Food Network and it was so cute! It's a really easy & fun way to make any fall day festive even if you're by yourself on a regular day or it's a fun place setting for Thanksgiving!


Yvette on Turkey Day Sunny's Way also had some nice idea for place settings.


What I used:

- Green Pepper Stem

- Orange Napkin

- Napkin Ring (any color; it doesn't show)

- Green Pepper Stem (Note: When I was looking at bell peppers, I was looking at the stems mostly. You need a long stem. This is similar to the Pumpkin Cheeseball I made.)

- Navy Blue Napkin (just for contrast to the orange pumpkin)

- Plate and silverware

Pumpkin Cheeseball


You can look at the website, but basically you just put the napkin ring in the middle and tuck in 4 corners and then you tuck in the rounded "corners" and keep tucking until it's round.

That's it! Super cute and super fun! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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