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Pork, Tomato, And Cheddar Quesadilla / (Tip: Using Leftovers in Quesadillas)

Here's an idea for a quesadilla to mix it up! I was inspired by @redneckdillasandrittos on IG. He eats quesadillas everyday(!) and gets creative with them -- sometimes they have whole other foods in them like egg rolls or has dessert quesadillas with gummie worms and candy inside. Haha!

Tip: I also think quesadillas are another food that is good to use for leftovers. Pretty much everything tastes good with some cheese and a tortilla. :) I have written before that Fried Rice and Empanadas are other good choices to mix it up and reuse your leftovers. Check out those posts.



I had some leftover pork loin that made and some tomatoes from another recipe. Since I am cooking for myself, I often don't use the whole can or container of things when I make small portions. I just added them to a homemade tortilla I had made with some cheddar.

I put the pan over it to keep the heat in to help melt the cheese faster -- I saw that on the Food Network.

Tasty quesadilla! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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