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Polka-Dot Egg and mini-Obliteration Room (inspired by Yayoi Kusama)

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

This Polka Dot Egg and mini-Obliteration Room were inspired by Yayoi Kusama! You can say what you want about Yayoi Kusama -- people probably call her crazy in a negative way and you can not like her art... But trust me, those polka dots which are mesmerizing -- take a tremendous amount of patience, precision and skill to make! Mine aren't that symmetric or great, haha! :)

She features pumpkins a lot in her work (see below), but I have been doing egg art, so I did an egg. She likes pumpkins (see below) because they have a fun shape and anthropomorphic quality -- I think that about eggs too. I even made a Humpty Dumpty Diorama.


More info on process of making this and Yayoi Kusama below.

As I mentioned in my other post:

I was inspired by Yayoi Kusama for Creativity Day! She is one of the most famous living contemporary artists. She sees the world differently than everyone else -- which mostly includes polka dots! :) I had seen some of her art in the past and then a video from the Tate on YouTube was recommended to me and I re-learned more about her. Yayoi Kusama is obsessed with polka dots. Another video on YT from the art thinker which depicts her life as a cartoon was also recommended to me, cute! She was also featured in the Art Assignment's YT video: Fierce Women of Art. The videos are below.

Here's a couple links with more on pumpkins in Yayoi Kusama's work:

"Her self-proclaimed obsession with the pumpkin is deeply rooted in her own childhood memories of growing up in Japan. Amid widespread national food shortages during World War II, a storehouse of pumpkins that her family owned provided a crucial lifeline and sustained much of their home village of Matsumoto."


“I love pumpkins,” the artist said in 2015, “because of their humorous form, warm feeling, and a human-like quality.”



What I used:

- Egg shell

- Paint

- Cardboard box

Making the mini-Obliteration Room

Here they are together! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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