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Photo Setups Experiments: Part 1

I'm working on learning more about photo setups. You can do a lot with a little!

I got these vinyl rolls that mimic wood planks or marble counter tops, etc.

Allenjoy 3pcs 34.4x15.7in Double Sided Photography Background 2 in 1 Black White Wood Marble Texture Pattern Waterproof Paper Tabletop Backdrop Food Jewelry Cosmetics Makeup Professional Photo Shoot


Based on some things I learned from Pinterest, I also put a piece of white poster board in the backdrop. Here is a link to the Pinterest board where I have different Behind-the-Scenes pins.


This is what the little counter area in my apartment looks like normally, the photography setup and the finished photo.

I took this with my iPhone; I don't have a camera. There is no other light setup other than the lights in my apartment. I started making a DIY lightbox based on some Pinterest pins I saw and I got some desk lamps to experiment with the DIY lightbox; stay tuned!

It looks pretty good! Give it a try! We are good at this!

This is a pic of Keto Cheez-Its from blacksheepketo.com . Check out the post:


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