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Perfect Spherical Cake Pops with Silicone Molds

When I was making some cake pops, I thought, "I could make perfect spheres using my hemispherical silicone mold." and it worked!

One of the steps in making cake pops is shaping the cake balls and it can be kind of challenging.

If your cake balls are too lopsided and asymmetrical, then they are more likely to fall apart when you put a stick in them. Check out some of my cake pops posts for more info.

I love silicone molds because they have lots of uses: hard candy, chocolate, gelatin, and baking as I noted in a previous post. And you can throw them in the dishwasher too!

Baking in a Silicone Mold


Cake Pops




How to Make Perfect Spherical Cake Pops

I sprayed the 1" silicone mold with cooking spray.

Then I put the cake pop mixture (cake crumbs + frosting) on 2 halves which would touch when the mold was folded in half.

I put frosting on one halves to act as "glue" and bind the 2 halves together.

I folded the mold in half & kept it together with binder clips.

Then I put it in the fridge to set. I would recommend at least 1-2 hours. I left them in overnight because I was working on other things.

(This is some of the cake that I used to make the American Flag cake. This is an example of getting multiple projects/posts out of 1 activity/baking session. I decided to make some cake pops for different posts since I had already made a cake.)

I have also baked spherical meatballs (haha!) using the same technique for my "Going Super Meta-: Can I Make an Orange Made of Meat?" Check out the link & see photo at the bottom of the post.


Perfect spheres! One was deflated because I ran out of cake to put in it. (It turned out to be a good shape for a Rubber Duckie cake pop. Stay tuned for that post! :) )

Give it a try! We are good at this!


Addendum: "Going Super Meta-: Can I Make an Orange Made of Meat?"

Check out the post for more fun! I made these meatballs the same way as the cake pops in this hemispherical mold; then I baked them.


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