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Pepperoni Pizza Chicken

I thought I saw this Pepperoni Pizza Chicken on Pinterest from Hormel, but I can't find the Pin. Haha! :)

Sept. 20 is Pepperoni Pizza Day! I eat pepperoni pizza all the time! I thought I'd feature some creative ways to make pepperoni pizza.


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What I used:

- Chicken breast

- Tomato Sauce

- Mozzarella

- Italian seasoning

- Peppers and Onions (I had batch cooked; link)


I've actually cooked it a couple times and the photos are from both times combined.

I just put some tomato sauce and Italian seasoning on top and baked the chicken breast and peppers and onions. Then I added cheese and pepperoni and baked it until the cheese melt.

Yum! Give it a try! We are good at this!

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