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Penguin Cupcakes

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

These Penguin Cupcakes from Max's Cake Studio on YouTube were so cute & sweet looking I had to try them! While making them, I came up with a good trick for figuring out how much fondant to make different colors if you are starting with white fondant.

I had made a few penguin desserts already including slice & bake cookies & donuts:



Attempt #1:

The penguins are formed from fondant. She uses store-bought fondant. As you may know I have been making marshmallow fondant. Check out the post on easy 3-ingredient, 2-minute marshmallow fondant.


I started with white fondant. I noticed that I needed more fondant than what I had, so I made some more in the same container. To make the fondant, you microwave marshmallows & a tiny bit of water for 30 seconds and then add powdered sugar. I already had some fondant, added some more marshmallows & water and then added more powdered sugar to make a bigger batch. After microwaving part of the fondant twice, I noticed it had a different texture and was not as pliable as usual. I just decided to use it anyways.

Tip: Only microwave the marshmallow fondant once. If you need more, make it separately than your first or other batches.

Measuring the amount of fondant to color different colors

The components of the penguin and the different colors of fondant needed and amounts in decreasing order:

- black fondant (background & sides of the penguin and also could use for eyes; a little less need than for the than face)

- white fondant (face - made in the shape of a heart)

- light blue fondant (hat)

- orange fondant (beak and feet - least amount needed)

To figure out how much of the white fondant to color different colors, I did a rough shaping of the different components. For example, you can see I did a rough shaping of the hat in white fondant. Since I was making 2 penguins, I doubled the amount needed to make 1 component.

I set it aside and then colored them the different colors. Doing the rough-shaping of the different components ensure I had enough fondant of the different colors. My double-microwaved fondant also didn't mix with food coloring as well.

Tip: Do a rough-shape of your decoration on the cupcake in white fondant to figure out much fondant you need to color.

RESULT: Success / Fail. :)

We are good at this. / We are good at this? They are a little rough looking, but still cute. They don't look as good as they could because this batch of fondant got messed up because I double-microwaved it. Just because the ones I made are a little rough looking doesn't take away from Max's Cake Studio ideas, which are super cute. I put candy eyes on one, haha.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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