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Penguin Cake Pops

These penguin cake pops were so cute from Yawning Hippo !'s YouTube channel I had to try to make them.

Attempt #1:

You just use white fondant and black fondant to form the face and body of the penguin. She used yellow fondant for the beak and feet. I used orange fondant for the beak. I decided not to make feet. Instead of using fondant for the eyes. I just dotted them with a little dark chocolate using a bamboo skewer.

I didn't try the cute little ear muffs.

RESULT: Success! :)

We are good at this! I think he looks pretty good. It is a cute idea for a quick decorating project. It's fun any day and especially Penguin Awareness Day, animal- or zoo-themed parties or for an arctic or wintry theme.

Here he is with the penguin cupcakes. :)

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