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Pear & Potato Gratin

This was inspired by a dish in A beautiful spread in Better Homes and Gardens (Nov. 2020), "In Praise of Pears"! It looked so elegant and interesting to have pears in a gratin, so I decided to make a mini- version ! The version I made is quick enough for a daily meal, but the dish itself is elegant enough for a Holiday or party!

What was so elegant about the dish was that the pear was sliced long ways, so you could see the pear silhouette. :)


What I used: - Petite potatoes (Since they are smaller, they cook faster and it doesn't really matter what size potatoes you use in this dish)

- Alouette cheese spread with garlic and herbs

- Pear (this was an Anjou pear)

- Fresh rosemary

- Shredded parmesan

- Milk (splash of milk, instead of heavy cream in the recipe)

My plan was to microwave the potatoes and pears to make the easier to slice and to cook them some and then to finish it off in the toaster oven, so the cheese could melt and a nice golden crust could form.

I microwaved the little potatoes for about 4 min. or so. They weren't cooked all the way, but I knew they were going to cook a little more int he toaster oven. I sliced the little potatoes into a ~1/4" or thinner slices.

Then I put some water in the dish and microwaved the pear for ~2 min. or so to soften the pear, cook it and make it easier to slice. It may seem weird to microwave the pear, but then I thought I microwave potatoes all the time and I thought so why not?

Then I sliced the pear long ways and cut out the circle in the middle to get the core out.

In the dish for the oven, I poured a splash of milk (instead of heavy cream). Then I added the slices of potatoes, chunks of Alouette cream cheese, 1 pear slice, fresh Rosemary, and parmesan. Then I put it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 8-10 min. for the cheese to melt and everything to come together.

Here it is! Not only is it really pretty, it tastes really good too!

The pear adds a nice sweetness and brightness to the potato gratin! The fresh rosemary is really fragrant too.

Give it a try! We are good at this!

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